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Captive Bred Schneider's Skinks

To report animal abuse or illegal pets, call your
local humane society or local NON-EMERGENCY
law enforcement phone number. Citizens of the United States,
if the illegal pet is a wild animal, inform
your state wildlife agency (Most state agencies have
their own law enforcement specializing in wildlife).

Reptile Pets
Aino's Skink Page
Something For Everyone-Reptiles
Schneider's skink page by Milla Honkarinta
Western New York Herpetological Society
Southern New England Herpetological Association
Basking Spot

Green Iguana Care
The Reptile Rooms

To locate a local reptile veternarian near you, please visit the following site:
Herp Vet Connection
The Herp Vet site was found at:

Purchasing CB Schneider's skinks:
Reptile City (Dallas, Texas)
ReptilesForSale.Com (Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania)
PetSolutions.Com (Beavercreek, OH)
Bay Area Reptiles (Tampa, Florida)
Exotic-Pets.Co.UK (Chesterfield, United Kingdom)

Reptile Magazines:
Reptiles Magazine

For Information on wild animals and what is being done to help them, please visit:
US Fish & Wildlife Service
NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Tax Season Wildlife Donations:
For some states within the United States, there is an option on your tax form that you may checkoff if you would like to have a portion of your tax refund given to your state wildlife conservation agency to be used for wildlife projects. You can rest assured that this money can only be used for wildlife and not for any other purpose, due to the fact that it is protected by federal law. For residents of New York State, the name of this wildlife donation on your tax form is called "Return a Gift to Wildlife".

Donations are a great way to help animals, both domestic and wild. Every cent collected is a step towards another life being saved. I strongly encourage you to do this. Each of the organizations listed below have been obtained from a credible source such as Animal Planet, a university, or local / state / federal government, or other legitament organization.

Reptile rescue / rehabilitation groups in the US:
Sea Turtle Inc. (South Padre Island, Texas)
R.A.R.E (Reptile Adoption, Rehabilitation, and Education Inc. Buffalo N.Y.)
Scales and Tails Rescue (New Jersey)
Herp Societies and Rescues (United States, Canada)
Turtle Rescue of Long Island (New York)
The New England Amphibian and Reptile Rescue (Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont)
Colorado Reptile Humane Society
Georgia Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Effort

Domestic animal organizations within the US:
Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley (New York)
New York City ASPCA
Louisiana SPCA
Missippi SPCA
North Shore Animal League (New York)
California SPCA
Chicago Illinois SPCA
Houston Texas SPCA
Missouri SPCA
Michigan Humane Society
Tri-county Humane Society (Florida)
Miami-Dade SPCA (Florida)
Arizona Humane Society
Humane Society of the United States [HSUS] (United States)
United Animal Nations (United States)

Theraputic animal organizations (animals used in Physical Therapy for humans) within the United States:
Pal-O-Mine Equestrian Center (New York)

Wildlife rescue / rehabilitation / conservation organizations within the US:
Sheep Pen Creek Wildlife Center Inc. (New York)
Berkshire Bird Paradise (New York)
Wildlife Conservation Society [Bronx Zoo] (New York)
Wildlife Rescue Foundation (Nevada)
World Wildlife Fund (Global)
The Nature Conservancy (Global)
Progressive Animal Welfare Society [PAWS] {wild/pet} (United States)
Wolf Conservation Center (New York)
Shasta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (California)
Pelican Harbor Seabird Station (Florida)
World Land Trust (Based in United States; helps World)
Nature Conservancy's Rainforest Fund (Based in United States; helps worldwide Rainforests)

Domestic animal organizations outside the US:
Ireland SPCA
Royal SPCA (England)
Royal SPCA (Australia)
Edmonton Humane Society (Canada)

Wild animal rescue / rehabilitation / conservation organizations outside of the US:
Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide [Steve and Terri Irwin - "The Crocodile Hunter"]
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Kenya)
Jane Goodall Institute (Based in Arlington, Virginia )
Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary (South Africa)

Want to know more about the evolution of snakes from terrestrial lizards? Visit one of the following links in this category:
National Geographic News
University of California


Home Lizards Turtles Snakes Frogs and Toads Herp Conservation About Me Links Webrings

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